Counting Our Blessings


Counting our blessings and giving thanks shouldn’t be reserved just for November’s fourth Thursday. We should take the time to reflect and put in perspective life’s positives every single day, something I need to work on.

This past week has reminded me that I am very thankful for my loving and supportive wife, Brenda, and granddaughter, Randi, as they wait on me more than usual during my post-op convalescence from surgery. I am restricted to bed or the recliner other than when nature calls, so I have been dependent on them for everything else. We will see how long and to what level that support will continue when I inevitably try to milk it for every possible advantage. This has the potential to backfire!

Family and friends are always at the top of the appreciation list, as they should be. This year I am focused more than usual on my mother as she is in the hospital. She must really like hospital food to spend Thanksgiving in one! I hope she gets better soon without anymore complications.

Many thanks to my ham radio friends that have visited me during my medical vacation, and those that have helped me out with radio and antenna projects in recent months, when I was too gimpy to do it myself.

My thoughts always navigate to wherever my Navy family, and particularly, the Murphys, are during the holidays. Mic, Tonja, Mickey, and Brett are in Texas now, but I must find my Skype user name and password info so we can get a good Skype session going. We have to start now on planning a reunion again! Vegas? Key West? Mars?

I’m also thankful that my friends and I can usually debate politics and current events with passion & civility, even if on polar opposites of an issue, and still be friends. Sometimes we get carried away, but then again we are only human. I will be forever thankful when all of my liberal friends finally see the light and admit that they are wrong and that I am right!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. For an interesting read on the historic significance of Thanksgiving and its impact on communism vs private enterprise, follow the link to an enlightening blog!