Private Enterprise Limiting Freedom, Choices


The Silent Majority has often allowed government to reign in the freedoms and liberties that our Founders saw fit to gift all the generations to follow. Now the silence is permitting private enterprise to further limit the choices we have as Americans in purchasing inventory.

The unfounded and knee-jerk reaction to the horrible murders at the church in Charleston, South Carolina last month created a wave of anti-confederate and anti-American history. Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Target, TVLAND channel, and other retailers have vowed to remove confederate items from their shelves and programming.

The confederate flag is symbolic in different ways to different people. They all have a right to their viewpoints. However, they do not have a right to usurp others ability to purchase a confederate flag, or whatever item of the day is being satanized at the time. But that is exactly what has happened. An extremely vocal minority on social media has corporate executives shaking in their boots and peeing their pants. They have chosen to ban these items (once their inventory is depleted and profit secured) to placate these loud voices. Those who value the confederate flag have had their choice made irrelevant, politically incorrect, and deemed Un-American. It will not stop there, believe me!

The families and friends of the victims in Charleston reacted in the exact opposite way after the massacre. They espoused their love, forgiveness, and understanding and united their community in a remarkable fashion.

The murderer is the sole individual that should be held accountable, not 70 million southerners or an entire nation. Just because the killer was a racist and had previously posed with a confederate flag does not make everyone who displays that flag a racist. Just as the KKK carrying American flags does not make every American a racist. Confederate merchandise had nothing to do with those murders, and a people’s history and heritage should not be erased because of it.

Corporate America has decided otherwise. And it is YOUR fault. Unless you have already contacted these big box businesses and told them you will not tolerate this behavior, you are part of the problem. Americans can no longer remain silent and hope others will come to their senses. The political correctness crowd is way too organized and vocal about their wishes. I believe they are still in the minority in the USA, but they are loud and effective. They make things happen. They “git er done!”

It is no longer sufficient to just email your congressman now and then on a topic you care about. The Silent Majority MUST break their silence and be heard. It is so easy today to contact businesses and politicians. Facebook, Twitter, email, websites, old-fashioned mail and phone calls, all work. That is what the PC crowd knows and practices all the time. They are winning the day, and American liberties and choices are dwindling as a result.

These corporations value one thing above all else: money. If the majority of folks, whom polls indicate are not offended by the confederate flag and whom cherish their freedom and choices, would all speak out at once, these business execs would realize real quick who has the bigger purchasing power and how their own business would be impacted if a boycott would take hold. They are good at math.

It is the same issue with NBC and Univision dropping Donald Trump-owned or sponsored programming because of his political remarks regarding the southern border and illegal aliens and Mexicans. I am not a Trump fan, but he spoke his mind as we would hope all presidential candidates would do, and his words were blunt, but true. The truth hurts and apparently it must be vanquished.

Enough of this PC madness. Silent Majority, get your heads out of the sand and get in the arena. It is easy to do and it is vitally necessary.

BTW, I am writing this essay on an Apple Macbook Air. It will be the last Apple product I own if that company does not reverse course and stop embracing every liberal and PC craze that comes along. Next time my iPhone, iPad, or computer is in need of replacement, I will be shopping Android or some other brand of personal computer.  I am also striving to stay out of Walmart or using Capitalism and censorship are not a great mix.