To Be Or Not To Be – America – Revolt or Revise?


Seven score and thirteen years ago President Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address at the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle, which was a turning point in holding this nation together in a most divisive time. 

Lincoln questioned whether our nation, conceived in Liberty, could long endure, and he helped dedicate a portion of that battlefield “for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.” He honored the “brave men, living and dead, who struggled” to help keep the Union intact. 

Today is also a divisive period, albeit, not in the same sense as the American Civil War. In the more than a century and a half since President Lincoln spoke those words, America has endured, in large part due to brave men and women who have given their lives or limbs, or sacrificed their own freedoms and sometimes even families, to keep this nation whole.

The cry of revolution and “take back our country, with arms if necessary” is spreading on social media, clamoring in barrooms, and being debated at many dinner tables across America today. The anger and frustration of years of political strife and seemingly paralyzed elected bodies justifies these emotions. Adding to the dilemma are meddling enemies of freedom abroad and within our own borders. The potential Balkanization of America has terrorists and certain foreign leaders drooling in anticipation. Still, many honest Americans are fed up with modern day politics, especially this election cycle.

Before you give up on democracy, though, you should give these points consideration.  Since the Revolutionary War, hundreds of thousands of American service members and intelligence agents have spilt their blood for you. Millions more, from all 50 states and the territories, have sacrificed dearly so that you enjoy the special and unique freedoms that ONLY Americans enjoy. Law enforcement, fire fighters, EMT first responders sacrifice for you every single day. American businesses provide you with an awesome variety of products that make life easier and entertaining. For most of us, life is pretty good right now.

For those inciting revolution, do you think any alternative America and its new constitution would include the Bill of Rights that allow us to breathe and live such freedom? Would majorities and minorities still share power and protection? Would we be a nation of character, integrity, and honor? This is not a perfect union now, never will be, and it could be a lot less so.

The makeup of the Supreme Court, who we select as president, and the makeup of Congress is important to us all. But are a few years or decades of one political club tilting the scale worth dishonoring all that has been built and all that has been sacrificed? 

The patriots who gave their “last full measure” deserve more of our effort and attention. One might say they demand it from their graves! What’s more, the world needs America to stay united. We do much more good on the planet Earth than harm. Our freedom-loving people deserve more effort. Our children and grandchildren should grow in the same warmth of liberty of which we were handed by our parents and grandparents.

Let’s cease this talk of violence and revolt and give America another chance, some more time and effort to get it right, revise and refine, so that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 


Dear Comrade President Obama:


Kudos for furthering our great cause. You have accomplished more in 5 years than any other progressive American leader in American history. Your critics claim that you have accomplished little as president, but they are dead wrong.Image

You are on the path to right the many wrongs that your predecessors and their cohorts have inflicted upon the world. Americans and world citizens are already feeling the impact of your decisions. The past American century has resulted in the tainting of other cultures across the globe and the theft of resources for the benefit of wealthy white American males. That is all coming to a screeching halt! United States foreign policy, leadership, and might is wavering all over the map and American influence is at an all-time low. That was a primary goal and your remarkable success in such short order is nothing short of amazing.

Here in the homeland, you managed to force the restructure of one-sixth of the economy via the “Affordable” Health Care law. The beauty of this move is that our goal of shifting wealth and power in the country will be accomplished whether the original law succeeds or fails! We have already won! The likelihood of this feat being undone is next to nil.

I would like to applaud your whole team, not just your White House Staff, but also Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, University/College faculties, Big Unions, The American Medical Association, AARP, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and the rest of the mainstream media. Your community organizer skills have been key in creating this powerful team of conspirators. Congratulations all!

Comrade, these specific objectives that you have reached or are close in meeting are particularly impressive:

  • Convincing the majority of Americans that it is not radical Islamic extremists that threaten America, but groups such as the Tea Party, and even nations such as Israel, that deserve our disdain. Nations like Iran only wish to attain nuclear power for peaceful purposes and anyone who doubts that is blind or racist and anti-Muslim. They pose no threat to us.
  • Speaking of Tea Party, the IRS targeting the tea party types was highly effective and succeeded in shutting up many shrill voices prior to your re-election. I know politically you cannot take personal credit for that ingenious idea, wink wink! I only hope you have doubled down and are secretly continuing with those sort of tactics. We need every tool to help us reach the final goal.
  • Libya & Syria. This delicious combination of inaction and unwarranted intrusion has destabilized the whole Middle East, taken out or weakened dictators, and is enabling peace-loving Islamists to have their turn at shaping that region of the world. The indirectly related tragedy of Benghazi can be viewed as an unforeseen sacrifice that will be rewarded in the end with a peaceful future for Africa and the Middle East, without the corrupting interference from Colonial America. Egypt’s military overthrow of our Muslim Brotherhood friend is only a temporary setback.
  • Your promises (on & off mic) to our mutual friend Vladimir Putin have helped restore him and Russia as influential world leaders, our Marxist right. Who needed a reset button? Power to the People!
  • Creating a larger segment of American society dependent upon government is crucial to protecting us enlightened ones, and implements a key control mechanism that will be necessary to attaining our higher aspirations.
  • Fighting the right wing extremists in the republican party on border control has been a major effort in our “Open Borders” campaign. Your brilliant move to hire attorneys from left wing organizations promoting open borders will assist you in sidestepping any nuisance laws that could hinder the effort. Stacking the very immigration enforcement agencies tasked with protecting the border with our allies is defacto immigration reform. Only in America as they say!

Comrade Mr. President, I could go on and on, but instead will save that for another letter. Just do not compromise. Double down-triple down! Your tactics have worked splendidly so far. Keep up the good work! Soon, we will begin designing a proper statue and monument for Obama Square on the mall!