A Glutenous Glutton For Punishment


I am not one of those unfortunate sufferers of Celiacs Disease who eats one crumb of a wheat cracker and soon starts puking. No, it takes initiative on my part, which I did recently during an 8-day camping trip. I consciously ate burgers and hotdogs with buns throughout the vacation and drank a few forbidden beers, and now I am paying for it. For others who are gluten-intolerant, I am curious if you have the following symptom once your gluten levels build up in your system?

My blood pressure goes on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it is 175/100 and a while later it is 90/60. Until a few days of gluten-free diet, no amount of adjusting BP medications helps. Along with the alarming numbers go all the rotten systems of unstable blood pressure as well as the punishment for poisoning my system with gluten. Thoughts?