Republicans: Don’t Do It!


Former Secretary of State, the late Lawrence Eagleburger, warned that the nation was about to elect a charlatan in presidential candidate Barack Obama, one that would severely harm the country. I believe his prediction came true when democrats made Obama their nominee and then Americans made him president. Now it is the republicans turn. Donald Trump is not the candidate that many of his supporters believe that he is. He is using trickery, deceit, and populism to gain access to the most powerful office on Earth, where I believe he would wreak havoc on peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Trump is no conservative, and even exhibits few “moderate” leanings. He is a liberal. He is not a friend of veterans in spite of what he now claims, certainly no friend of former POWs, who had the audacity to have been captured by the enemy. (Remember that conversation?)

The Donald is a friend of universal health care, the Clintons, eminent domain, spending other people’s money, fiscal irresponsibility (he became a billionaire in part because of bankruptcies and stiffing loaners, consumers, and taxpayers), using the most vulgar and insulting kind of negative campaigning, stimulus packages and bank bailouts, and many other non-conservative and non-centrist issues. He supported late-term abortions, seems to oppose Israel in favor of the Palestinians, and has demonstrated a disturbing lack of knowledge on critical national security issues. (e.g. Marco Rubio had to school him on what the nuclear triad was and its importance.)

Republicans: Don’t do it. Don’t make the same mistake the democrats made with Obama. Don’t put another charlatan in the Oval Office. Look at everything Trump has said and done in the past few decades, and contrast that with what he has said while campaigning. Look closely at his behavior and actions. Think about it. What if he is, indeed, a fraud?

The Donald: Only love man, only love!



Politics & The Phoenix


If I had a choice among sipping tea laced with polonium-210, munching down on some Amanita phalloides (Death Cap mushrooms), taking a wicked whiff of a white powder that would give me Bacillus anthracis, or doing none of these, I would do nothing.

The first three choices are fatally toxic, just as I believe Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders would be to America. I believe in the Constitution and maximum liberties for Americans. These three do not. I believe character and integrity should be traits American presidents should possess. Trump and Clinton lack these strengths. If Trump is the republican nomination, I will, for the first time in my adult life, write a different candidate other than the nominee in on my ballot. Some would say I am throwing my vote away. I disagree. I will be principled and not populist. I will forsake the poison and wait for another day when some sanity is restored, after we have hit rock bottom.

I am not waiting for the perfect candidate. There is no such thing. I can compromise and shift priorities and sometimes choose the lesser of evils, but not when the toxicity is fatal to all that I believe in. I’ll wait for the Phoenix.