Conservatism My Way


In an era when democrats are calling Trump and his followers conservatives, I felt it necessary to define what conservatism means to me, and it is nearly the polar opposite of Trumpkins. Not every conservative thinks alike and there are many varieties, but true conservatives will probably agree with the majority of my points. If you can agree with most of them, then feel free to share this; what the heck, share it anyways. Start a converstion!

Conservative Principles & Traits

1. Constitutional Conservative. Believes in and supports the United States Constitution and all of its amendments, even when it is inconvenient. Our founding framework for freedom is amendable, so if there is something you don’t like or think is outdated, fix it. Yes, it is a high hurdle to amend the Constitution, and it should be! Protect our bill of rights and freedom that our founders and creator gave us and countless service members have sacrificed to maintain. Don’t give them away!

2. Pro-Life. Abortion should not be an accepted form of birth control. Late-term abortion is clearly reprehensible and murder in my view. I am pro-life also when it comes to capital punishment. We have the capability to put murderers behind bars for life and the fact that human beings, including juries and prosecutors, make mistakes all the time warrants prison instead of death. You cannot undo lethal injection once it did its job. I only believe in killing for self and national defense. Many conservatives will not agree with me on the death penalty, but I hope they come around.

3. Border & Immigration Security. We are a sovereign nation and should keep it that way. Terrorism and migration of undesirables are valid reasons to secure our borders and reform legal immigration policy. However, we should not violate our Constitution as we beef up our security. Calling for the deportation of American citizens for their religious beliefs is a violation of our key founding principle. We should build walls, fences, and electronic security on our borders. We should also cease any policy that encourages people to illegally enter our country, such as the social programs the Obama admin has been offering them, and sanctuary cities that protect them from our laws. We should also modify our legal immigration policy to profile – yes PROFILE – potential immigrants and properly vet them to assure they are not terrorists or criminals or sympathizers of the same. We should be seeking people that will contribute to our nation and assimilate with our culture. If they want to come to America to form a mini version of the country and culture they are leaving, we don’t need them. We are a passionate and humane nation and we can accept certain refugees from persecution. But we are not a stupid or crazy people. Don’t try to make us into Europe where Islamic radicals are transforming their society. Not here!

4. Crime Does Not Pay. We should make that phrase applicable again. If you commit a crime you will have to pay a specific debt to society. Violent criminals should definitely spend a long time in a cell. If you purposely take a life and it is not self defense you forfeit your freedom forever. Here is where some conservatives will disagree with me. The War on Drugs was never waged to win. Drug and alcohol abuse are involved in some way to a majority of crimes in America. Home invasions, theft, assault, and murder usually involve drug and/or alcohol abuse. The trend is to de-criminalize and legalize drugs. This is a big mistake. Instead, we should treat drug dealers like murderers, because in many cases, that is what they are. It is not just the addicted person whose life is ruined, but entire families. Treatment should be offered to addicts, but in many cases harsher measures must be taken to break the cycle. Today, we tend to keep addicts addicted by providing them with never-ending access to methadone or other type clinics. This prevents them from ever contributing to families and society. Limit the treatment. Design a program that works. If that includes incarceration, so be it.

5. Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility. What happened to the Republican Party’s mantra of small government? The federal government has ballooned under democrat and republican administrations and congress. Along with that is a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money and infringement of Liberty. All levels of government can be significantly trimmed. Politicians and judges have used creative license to interpret the Constitution’s definition of federal government role to include everything under the sun. This cannot continue. Get back to basics!

6. Strong Defense. If we allow our military to decline in funding and number any further, we will not be able to perform the basic function of federal government that the Constitution demands. Security of our nation from enemies, which we have many, is crucial. At the same time, we should adopt former Secretry of Defence Cap Weinberger’s rules for when it is appropriate to put military members in harm’s way. Google it. The United States is not a colonial empire and we should not always be the world’s policeman. We should always put U.S. national security interests above all, as well as honor our treaties with allies.  

7. Civil Liberties. This is a complicated one. When it comes to marriage, religion, and morality, social conservatives often conflict with fiscal conservatives. Gay marriage, transgendered rights, and the list goes on. I lean libertarian and am torn on this issue. In my opinion, marriage is a religious institution dating back far before The Declaration of Independence. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion. I had hoped civil unions for gays would have been sufficient as long as they had the same privileges and benefits of married couples. But the Supreme Court has ruled and it is now the law that gays can be married. Now ‘transgendered’ and people who self-identify as something other than themselves want all sorts of rights and special privileges. The result is that a small minority get to impose their wills on the majority, and religous and other freedoms are infringed upon others. For instance, a Christian baker family has lost their religious freedom in order to satisfy a gay couple who could’ve ordered a wedding cake from numerous other bakers, but insisted on making a case against the Christians. This is rediculous! Our system of government is designed to protect minorities, as it should be. But no where in the Constitution does it say minority rules, or a minority’s civil rights outweigh the majority’s rights. No more! On morality, whether you are religious or not, as a conservative you most certainly believe that a nation and its people must have a moral compass to keep them from abusing power. There IS a right and wrong. Without a moral center, many wrongs and atrocities are possible. This is my biggest concern with Mr. Donald Trump and his followers. They either don’t have or don’t care about morality.

8. Free-Market Capitalism. We did not become the greatest nation on planet Earth using socialism or communism as our economic system. We used a reasonably regulated free enterprise system where individuals and companies make profit by providing products and services to others. If you want to reap the benefits of socialism, move  to Venezuela. 

9. Fact over Fiction. Whether it be within our government, schools, media, or elsewhere, conservatives prefer dealing with fact and evidence instead of rumor, myth, or lies. Unless we are reading a novel for entertainment we like the truth, even when it hurts. To those who say there is no such thing as truth: Be Gone! Yes, there are gray areas here and there, but most things can be boiled down to true or false. Schools should stop revising history (and math) and teach the truth. There is good and bad in our history. The kids can handle it. But stop being political. They will form their own political beliefs as adults. Teachers or government don’t need to brainwash them. The media has First Amendment rights, but I implore them to stop trying to affect American politics and instead impartially report on it. This election cycle has demonstrated how corrupt both our government and media have become. The American people themselves have to become more responsible and stop spreading myth and rumor on social media. It is fairly easy to fact-check using the Internet or library. 

10. Freedom. If America can exemplify one concept, it is freedom. It is why we were founded, and what we grew and nurtured through the generations. Not everyone enjoyed freedom equally at the beginning, but like any infant, we grew and learned and are now the beacon of hope and liberty to oppressed people everywhere on the globe. Let’s keep it that way. Our founders insisted on a Bill of Rights before they approved the Constitution because they knew in order to keep our government from becoming just another dictatorship, we needed guaranteed individual freedoms. These liberties are now under constant attack by politicians, radical judges, and groups who really want to make a more powerful central government. We will no longer be America if we allow this to continue.

11. My Eleventh Commandmant! Elected officials affect our lives in many ways. Our liberty, our money, our future depend on electing people who exhibit high levels of integrity, character, honor, and conviction. Does this mean they should be rigid and inflexible? No. But they should be honest, principled, and courageous. Voters can put these type of people in office, or as has been trending, they can put waffling, unethical, power-hungry people in office. We get what we deserve!

Populists May Doom Us All


Populists May Doom Us All
I never use the “Hitler card” lightly; in fact, I don’t think I have tossed it out there before. But this is no time to be cautious when Americans’ freedoms are at stake. After watching the Republican debate on February 13, 2016, I thought to myself that if the polls still called Trump the winner after that performance, the dangerous populist movement was well under way. Well, here we are! 

Anyone who actually watched the debate – with eyes open and just a tad bit of objectivity – would clearly see that Donald Trump revealed his true nature and political leanings, and that he had a poor debate performance. His claims that President George W. Bush didn’t keep us safe from the 9-11 terrorists attack hinted of conspiracy theory and doesn’t reflect reality. His love of eminent domain – even for private enterprise uses such as malls and casino parking lots – was never shared by republicans and conservatives in the past. His ideas on tax policy, Planned Parenthood, universal health care, and many other issues have been banner ideas in the other party, not the GOP!

Blindly accepting someone’s claims and ideas without analyzing truth, instead disregarding facts and reality is a dangerous development. The German people did that in the 20s and 30s and up rose Adolf Hitler. Trump reminds me of Hitler somewhat. I think Trump sees himself as never wrong and above critique and perhaps even God-like. 

This is a Republican primary. Where the hell are the republicans? Are they really going to toss out their principles and sense of morality because Trump said he would build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it. Are you that superficial, republicans? 

I know a lot of independents and democrats that are staunch Trump supporters. That is why I do not believe the so-called experts who say if Trump is the nominee, he would not be elected. I think he would win the election. It is up to the republicans to come to their senses and nominate a conservative, or even a moderate for god sakes, but not a liberal populist with a dangerous lack of knowledge (what’s a nuclear triad?), no moral compass, an over-abundance of vulgarness and conceit, and contempt for the Constitution. This man should not be the one with his finger on the button or the one who will select the next few Supreme Court Justices. Our freedom, way of life, and maybe even our lives will be on the line. No, this is not hyperbole. It is a distinct possibility.

What is an Oath without Honor?


“Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: — “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Article II, Section 1, Clause 8

Constitution of the United States of America

What is an Oath without Honor?

President Obama takes the Oath of Office.

President Obama takes the Oath of Office.

More than a million American service members have given the ultimate sacrifice fighting for the ideals laid out in the Constitution of the United States since the Revolutionary War. Our freedoms and our rights have been paid for with an ocean of blood. Yet many politicians and their supporters trample on the constitution seemingly without a thought. The chief trampler in recent times is the person charged with defending that very document. He raised his hand and took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” What is an oath without honor?

President Obama was purportedly a college constitutional law professor. One wonders how many classes he skipped as he was being educated in that field of study. Did he mirror what he later did in the Illinois State Legislature, when he voted “present” instead of taking a stand, making a decision? He put little effort into his state legislature duties and perhaps he put minimal effort during his academic years. Most likely he believes as many of his colleagues and supporters believe, that the constitution is an old, obsolete document that no longer deserves the attention or adherence that was afforded it until recent years.

A key word in the constitution’s oath may give Obama an excuse for his flagrant constitutional violations and his refusal to enforce the laws of the United States. That word is “Ability.” There is the possibility that Obama is doing the best of his Ability, but is somewhat lacking in that quality. Certainly that is an excuse many can easily accept and therefore ignore the harder truth behind his administration’s illegal and unethical actions.

I believe the truth is a combination of traits and objectives that Obama and many other leaders in his party share. Yes, there are people from other parties who also share a few of these “qualities” as well, but the majority of the modern day Democratic Party own the abundance of this belief system. Obama’s actions are explained by these points:

  1. De-emphasis on honor and integrity in our leaders. Politicians have long been associated with telling lies in order to gain political points. But Obama and his colleagues have taken this to a new level. His administration and the Democratic leaders in the senate and house continually fabricate stories and outright lie to the American people. The concept of “doubling down” and “tripling down” on lies is now associated with them, as evidenced during the continuing ObamaCare hoax, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, and now in the illegal executive orders Obama has issued on illegal aliens, protecting 5 million or more from deportation. Obama, himself, clearly stated that he did not have the power to make such an executive order. He affirmed that stance more than 20 times in the past few years, yet as soon as the midterm elections were over, he did exactly what he said he could not do, without the powers of a king or emperor. Deception equates to winning. Honor, character, and integrity are no longer qualities that Americans deem our leaders should possess is one message you can take from recent presidential elections. Perhaps the mid-term elections are a hint that Americans are waking up and changing their minds on this issue. We will see in 2016.
  2. Obama has a completely different world view than most Americans, although more and more people in the Democratic Party now share his radicalism as the “Blue Dog” democrats disappear. Obama sees America as a problem on the world stage instead of a force for good and freedom. Certainly we got clues of his views by those he associated with through the past few decades, including “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright and Terrorist Bill Ayers. All the world’s problems can be traced back to the United States is a common theme from these people. Obama’s father depicted America as a colonial power that has stolen the resources from the rest of the world. Anti-colonialists that believe America is guilty of these crimes decried the fall of the Soviet Union, as they perceived the Soviets as the one check against America’s power. Indeed, most of Obama’s policy towards Russian President Vladimir Putin’s apparent effort to restore the old Soviet Union seems to aid Putin in that goal, whether intentionally or not. Just look to the Ukraine and Syria. Obama is damaging America’s standing in the world, and effectiveness as a world leader.
  3. Open Borders mentality. Many on the far left do not believe in secure borders, at least not for America. It is a-ok for other countries to secure their borders and arrest and imprison those that break their laws. That bit of sovereignty does not apply to America. Obama’s lack of securing the border, lack of enforcing immigration laws, and his recent executive orders certainly appease the open borders folks, while at the same time create a huge potential for millions of more democratic voters, whether legal or not. It also has a side-effect of redistributing wealth from the middle class to immigrants who chose to break the law instead of immigrating legally as millions of others have done throughout our history. American taxpayers will now foot the bill for free healthcare, free education (including college), and other free services for many of these people that most American citizens are not even afforded.

American voters have one more chance to take back their country, but it will be an uphill battle because Obama has stacked the decks against them. The only chance to restore any resemblance of honor, leadership, freedom, and sanity in our government is to elect a real leader in 2016 who will work with Congress, instead of bypassing them, and undo some of the more destructive actions Obama achieved during his eight years as dictator.

The only chance this can happen is if the Independents reject Obama’s ideology AND if there is a resurgence of Blue Dog Democrats. The Republican Party consists of conservatives, moderates, and liberals (often called RINOs), yet is labeled an extremist party by liberals. The Democrat Party in recent years consists primarily of far left-wing members. There are few moderate or conservatives among them. Congress will have a tough time working together and across the aisle if that demographic remains. Grassroots democrats must take their party back from the true extremists in this last ditch effort.

What happens if this fails? Then the one party that ignores the laws in order to recruit millions of more voters to their side will guarantee one-party dominance for the foreseeable future. When that time comes, we have lost our Republic and any semblance of democracy. Then what? Surrender and live with it, or . . .