Why So Hateful?


People should be able to be philosophically opposed on just about any issue without having to resort to hateful exchanges. I have witnessed people from all spectrums of political leanings engage in this conduct. I hope I have not been part of this nonsense. Perhaps it is my conservative bias that causes me to remember the more hateful and despicable attacks come from the left, but like I said, I’m probably biased. Maybe it’s easier to forget or give a pass to those that share your philosophy.
Hateful and pointless attacks do not accomplish anything to win someone to your way of thinking. All it does is reflect on what kind of person you are and causes others to lose respect for you, if they ever had any from the start. Of course, people’s definition of what is hateful, mean, or despicable can be remarkably and creatively different from your own. Some people take offence at the most benign commentary.
The folks making the disparaging comments know if they are being hateful. If the intent is to insult, berate, emotionally destroy, or perform character assassination, then that is obvious to most. However, honest, civil debate or certain elements of comedy, for example, are not usually meant to be hateful. How many comedians throughout history have made jokes that contain funny insults or get a laugh off of a stereotyped target group? Yes, some cross the line and their joke goes flat. If political correctness rules out ALL of that material, there will be quite a few open slots on late night tv and at standup comedy joints.

The hate is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Radio & TV News and Talk Shows, on-line newspaper readers’ commentary sections, bars and restaurants, everyday conversation. Not all the time of course. But enough to be a distraction to the important things of the day.

I am for passionate, honest debate, free speech, and varied opinion. But lies and insults are not opinion. They are lies and insults. Profane, personal attacks are just mean, not thoughtful speech.