WANTED: Faux Liberal To Challenge Hillary in 2020


     The likelihood increases everyday that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump in November. Yes, the polls are never to be trusted, but the one thing you can rely on more than death and taxes is that Trump will continue to sabotage his own campaign. Even some Trump supporters are finally opening their eyes and realizing Trump was a Trojan Horse that infiltrated the Republican Party with a mission to take it down.
     I know it is not a conservative notion, but it is time to start thinking about payback! If the GOP does not recover, and I believe it will not, then conservatism’s only hope is to do to the democrats what Trump did to the republicans. We need a brave soul who has a confused and mixed philosophical history that can start being Bernie Sanders 2.0. The Democratic Party needs to be fractured into many quarreling parts. If this saboteur gets a foot in the door, then he or she can import a wild assortment of socialist and right-wing ideas. A celebrity–an actor–would be perfect for this role.
     Success of this covert operation hinges on whether the democrats are as gullible and narrow-visioned as republicans turned out to be. If they are then both major parties will have sustained heavy damage perhaps paving way for Third Party inroads into presidential and congressional campaigns. One of these parties, just maybe, could see the value in the United States Constitution and could help restore compliance with it and our laws, and bring sanity back to our capital.