Republicans: Don’t Do It!


Former Secretary of State, the late Lawrence Eagleburger, warned that the nation was about to elect a charlatan in presidential candidate Barack Obama, one that would severely harm the country. I believe his prediction came true when democrats made Obama their nominee and then Americans made him president. Now it is the republicans turn. Donald Trump is not the candidate that many of his supporters believe that he is. He is using trickery, deceit, and populism to gain access to the most powerful office on Earth, where I believe he would wreak havoc on peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Trump is no conservative, and even exhibits few “moderate” leanings. He is a liberal. He is not a friend of veterans in spite of what he now claims, certainly no friend of former POWs, who had the audacity to have been captured by the enemy. (Remember that conversation?)

The Donald is a friend of universal health care, the Clintons, eminent domain, spending other people’s money, fiscal irresponsibility (he became a billionaire in part because of bankruptcies and stiffing loaners, consumers, and taxpayers), using the most vulgar and insulting kind of negative campaigning, stimulus packages and bank bailouts, and many other non-conservative and non-centrist issues. He supported late-term abortions, seems to oppose Israel in favor of the Palestinians, and has demonstrated a disturbing lack of knowledge on critical national security issues. (e.g. Marco Rubio had to school him on what the nuclear triad was and its importance.)

Republicans: Don’t do it. Don’t make the same mistake the democrats made with Obama. Don’t put another charlatan in the Oval Office. Look at everything Trump has said and done in the past few decades, and contrast that with what he has said while campaigning. Look closely at his behavior and actions. Think about it. What if he is, indeed, a fraud?

The Donald: Only love man, only love!



Impeach Obama Bandwagon


Many of my fellow conservatives have jumped on the Impeach Obama Bandwagon, some from the very beginning of his presidency. I disagree with that effort.

Democrats, apparently most Independents, and even some republicans voted for Obama—twice. He won his elections with his campaign promises of “fundamentally changing America.” That is exactly what he is doing, especially in these last 2 years of his administration.

If some of his supporters did not know what fundamental means, then they should have looked it up. Obama has not hidden his agenda. He just doesn’t talk about it much. Yes, he and his administration have lied about key components in order to get them passed by Congress or the courts. ScotusCare, for instance. His overall world view and path he has set America on is not buried in a deep cave, though. He is succeeding in changing America from its foundation roots, and also away from the free enterprise/capitalistic form of economy that we have been used to for most of our history. I heard one political pundit remark that in recent history Ronald Reagan was the last president to change America in a substantive way. Obama is undoing Reagan’s legacy, and then some. And Americans VOTED for this change!

It sickens me that Obama is, in my opinion, damaging this nation perhaps beyond repair, but democracy can be messy, and we are witnessing it at its messiest. Granted, there are elements of the Obama “regime” that are not acting like a democratic government and more closely resemble despotism. He has been aided in unbelievable fashion by the mainstream media in getting away with these undemocratic actions. When you have a propaganda machine at your command, you can get away with an awful lot of misdeeds. Many regimes throughout the 20th century stayed in power in this manner. There is only one news network where you can hear both sides of issues and actually view news about the federal government and Obama administration that other networks suppress. But this network is unmercifully vilified by the president, his supporters and propaganda machine. That reason alone is cause to watch it!

Republicans messed up when they impeached President Bill Clinton in the 90s. Yes, he got caught breaking the law with perjury. Although I believe both Clintons are guilty of more serious corruption and other crimes, Ken Starr and others could never pin them down with solid evidence. Hillary is, so far, getting away with similar behavior now. But impeaching a president on a perjury charge was a huge mistake. Most Americans assume all politicians lie constantly, especially if confronted about their sex life.

Similarly, governors and congress members of both parties have been subject to recalls or impeachments following their democratic election. What is it about democracy that so many do not like or respect? These governors, congressmen, and the president have more elections coming up and can be voted out of office if the Silent Majority got vocal for once and started taking their country back from the socialists, communists, and radicals. We don’t need impeachments, or a coup, or any other effort. Just speak out, and VOTE!

There are those, especially on the right where I hang out often, that promise they will refuse to vote if THEIR candidate is not nominated. That attitude only helps the other side win the day and continue to turn America into a socialist or communist nation. I admit, there are one or two republican candidates whom I believe would do more harm to our country than a couple of the Democrat candidates. If they were the nominations, I would not give up my right and duty to vote. I would vote for the candidate (repub or dem) whom I believe would damage America the least, then wait for the next election. It is not sacrificing principles to remain in the political arena and exercise your voting rights if your primary candidate does not win.

Our biggest effort, which we can start working on immediately, is to try and change minds about the direction America is heading. There is even much work just within the republican party on that end. A politician puts a lot of emphasis on constituents’ demands. We need to change those demands. That is the only peaceful revolution that can restore freedoms and liberties and the American Dream.

Impeachments should be reserved for more serious crimes than lying about sex or being too blunt in rhetoric or voting for a particular bill. This is America. Keep your faith in our Republic as long as it still has a chance of surviving.

Faces of Betrayal


Betrayal1Paul Ryan, Patty Murray, Susan Collins, Mike Michaud, Angus King, Harry Reid, John Boehner, John McCain, Barack Obama and most of their colleagues (a majority of the U.S. Congress) have broken trust with military retirees and veterans with the so-called Non-Partisan Budget Act hatched by Paul Ryan and Patty Murray. While protecting union-backed civilian employees’ pensions, these hacks have thrown military retirees and veterans past, present, and future under the bus. Ryan said his goal is to “eliminate waste.” Apparently those that have sacrificed so much for so many years are just a waste and are expendable. These republicans, democrats, and independents should be ashamed of themselves. One wonders if there is any hope left for this nation once a proud advocate of freedom and once grateful to those that protected those freedoms. Now their promised benefits are being eliminated as a terrible waste, while civilian counterparts, who get substantially more pay & benefits, will continue to enjoy full pensions and cost of living increases. I am so done with the establishment politicians and so-called independently thinking moderates that are really just elitists protecting their lobbyists henchmen and don’t have a clue or give a damn for military members. Disgusted!

Can Commonsense Save America?


Americans are focused more on their disagreements than what they might have in common, what they could potentially agree upon. That is clear. After all, there are stark differences between the various parties, and it is these differences that make them stand out, or more precisely – apart. This national debate on the negatives that exist between factions is what ticks off many folks and it also contributes to political gridlock and deteriorating national unity.

Perhaps it is time to change strategy and revert to a tried and true method of achieving change and sound solutions. The great patriot Patrick Henry famously said,

“Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.”

These words apply today as they did in 1799, perhaps more so. Indeed, I believe we are at a dangerous point in our country’s timeline and unless we plug this rupture of division, hatred, and paralysis, America could be at the first stages of a Balkanization process, one that will rip apart the union and lead to even more hatred, misery, and atrocity. If this horrendous scene plays out, all of the sacrifices and hard work previous generations have made will have been for naught. All of those brave souls that gave their lives in the name of freedom will have died in vain. Is that what you want? I doubt it.

So what CAN Americans agree upon? What important issues can be dealt with once we find common ground? I’ll bet there are many urgent social issues where the opposing sides have more in common than difference. Let us find a couple areas in which we can reach a national consensus and begin there. I believe with the proper leadership and education we can ultimately solve a multitude of big issues, but there is a time when you need to narrow your focus and be willing to find consensus, if just to get people used to working together again as a team. Here are two possibilities:

Can the majority of republicans, democrats, independents, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and tea party folks agree that the U.S. Constitution is still a valid blueprint for America, capable of preserving freedoms and yet amendable to a modern era?

Presidents have always pushed the limits of their constitutional powers. The founders included a separation of powers infrastructure in the constitution to prevent any one of the three branches to gain too much power. It is part of the crucial checks and balances necessary to prevent abuse of power or tyranny and to maintain our republic. Barack Obama is not the first president to wrestle with the legislative and judiciary branches in seeking advantages for his administration. However, he certainly appears to have gone further than his predecessors in these over-reaches, to the point where many believe he has crossed the line and broken the law, repeatedly. Few will dispute Obama selectively enforces laws that he likes and that he ignores laws that do not support his world view. Immigration and health care are examples. Yes, probably Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did this on occasion as well.

But President Obama, himself, has repeatedly noted that America is a nation of laws. He is correct. We are a nation of laws and they all should be respected and enforced. If a law is no longer appropriate for society, then initiate its repeal. But a president, legislature, or judiciary should not ignore the laws on the books and should never-ever break them! Is this not commonsense or am I just too naive or idealistic?

Do you agree that no modern nation should leave the poorest or disabled of their society to fend for themselves? People should be expected to work if they are able to better their lives and to become independent of government, but surely there cannot be many Americans, conservative or liberal, that think we should let disabled folks, poverty-stricken families with or without children, starve, or even to totally abandon those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. We can and should help these citizens that are unable to help themselves, and to aid those addicted to climb out of that abyss. But we should also discourage a habit of dependency upon the government by those who could provide for themselves, otherwise the percentage of those receiving government assistance will continue to grow, and we are already near the bursting point of that over-inflated balloon.

Those that have put any serious thought to the matter would agree that in the 21st century America should be able to assist the impoverished and disabled without creating a whole new class of those forever dependent on the taxpayers generosity.

Most people, regardless of their political leanings, will probably agree that our elected leaders should follow the law. If the law is unjust or no longer needed, there is a legal means to repeal or amend the law.

Folks – we have put men on the moon and returned them safely to earth. We can solve these problems. President John F. Kennedy said we do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. The issues noted above are difficult ones, but let me tell you, they are a lot easier tasks than what it took to put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon!

Our leaders in the capital are not going to wake up and start working together until we do. Join me in this attempt to find common ground on just a couple of issues. Get involved! Do something! That would be a great start to solving many other more complex issues. Once we start, it could get addictive. We need to save this union and the principles it was founded upon, while embracing many new ideas that are abundant in this huge melting pot of a country. We have 50 great states in this country. Let’s take a break for awhile from dividing them all into red or blue. Instead color them all red, white, and blue!

Dear Comrade President Obama:


Kudos for furthering our great cause. You have accomplished more in 5 years than any other progressive American leader in American history. Your critics claim that you have accomplished little as president, but they are dead wrong.Image

You are on the path to right the many wrongs that your predecessors and their cohorts have inflicted upon the world. Americans and world citizens are already feeling the impact of your decisions. The past American century has resulted in the tainting of other cultures across the globe and the theft of resources for the benefit of wealthy white American males. That is all coming to a screeching halt! United States foreign policy, leadership, and might is wavering all over the map and American influence is at an all-time low. That was a primary goal and your remarkable success in such short order is nothing short of amazing.

Here in the homeland, you managed to force the restructure of one-sixth of the economy via the “Affordable” Health Care law. The beauty of this move is that our goal of shifting wealth and power in the country will be accomplished whether the original law succeeds or fails! We have already won! The likelihood of this feat being undone is next to nil.

I would like to applaud your whole team, not just your White House Staff, but also Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, University/College faculties, Big Unions, The American Medical Association, AARP, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and the rest of the mainstream media. Your community organizer skills have been key in creating this powerful team of conspirators. Congratulations all!

Comrade, these specific objectives that you have reached or are close in meeting are particularly impressive:

  • Convincing the majority of Americans that it is not radical Islamic extremists that threaten America, but groups such as the Tea Party, and even nations such as Israel, that deserve our disdain. Nations like Iran only wish to attain nuclear power for peaceful purposes and anyone who doubts that is blind or racist and anti-Muslim. They pose no threat to us.
  • Speaking of Tea Party, the IRS targeting the tea party types was highly effective and succeeded in shutting up many shrill voices prior to your re-election. I know politically you cannot take personal credit for that ingenious idea, wink wink! I only hope you have doubled down and are secretly continuing with those sort of tactics. We need every tool to help us reach the final goal.
  • Libya & Syria. This delicious combination of inaction and unwarranted intrusion has destabilized the whole Middle East, taken out or weakened dictators, and is enabling peace-loving Islamists to have their turn at shaping that region of the world. The indirectly related tragedy of Benghazi can be viewed as an unforeseen sacrifice that will be rewarded in the end with a peaceful future for Africa and the Middle East, without the corrupting interference from Colonial America. Egypt’s military overthrow of our Muslim Brotherhood friend is only a temporary setback.
  • Your promises (on & off mic) to our mutual friend Vladimir Putin have helped restore him and Russia as influential world leaders, our Marxist right. Who needed a reset button? Power to the People!
  • Creating a larger segment of American society dependent upon government is crucial to protecting us enlightened ones, and implements a key control mechanism that will be necessary to attaining our higher aspirations.
  • Fighting the right wing extremists in the republican party on border control has been a major effort in our “Open Borders” campaign. Your brilliant move to hire attorneys from left wing organizations promoting open borders will assist you in sidestepping any nuisance laws that could hinder the effort. Stacking the very immigration enforcement agencies tasked with protecting the border with our allies is defacto immigration reform. Only in America as they say!

Comrade Mr. President, I could go on and on, but instead will save that for another letter. Just do not compromise. Double down-triple down! Your tactics have worked splendidly so far. Keep up the good work! Soon, we will begin designing a proper statue and monument for Obama Square on the mall!

You Are A Racist


Until the recent implosion of many aspects of ObamaCare, including the Oct 1 web site failed launch, President Obama, himself, has often referred to the Affordable Care Act as ObamaCare. Apparently he is no longer comfortable having his name associated with the health care law. Now, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has declared that the term ObamaCare is racist and invented by wealthy white people in a derogatory way to demean a black leader “to render him inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments.”

So, anyone uttering or writing the word ObamaCare from now on is clearly a racist. Never mind HillaryCare and Reaganomics; those terms were obviously just dreamed up from the political well from whence they came and not motivated by the color of anyone’s skin. But anyone claiming that the ObamaCare term was only politically motivated is in denial and likely a bigot as well.

Oh crap! I just wrote ObamCare five times — oops — six times. I feel so guilty.

This is a classic method to make an argument when you are too lazy or lacking evidence for a truthful debate: name-calling and accusing opponents as being racist.

Demise of Liberalism & Democratic Party?


I get a kick out of the “talking heads” making the rounds of the news commentary shows claiming that the present ObamaCare meltdown is a signal that liberalism and the democrats are in a death spiral and that the end is near for them. I remember when Newt Gingrich and the republicans enjoyed the success from the “Contract with America” and pundits were making the same claim, that liberalism was going up in smoke.

The progressive movement might have had a slight setback at that time similar to now, but they came back with a vengeance. The progressives, or socialists, that make up a good segment of the democratic party have been inching forward with their agenda for 100 years, and they will continue to do so. They have been entrenched within the nation’s educational system and the mass media for years, which is a very powerful environment in which they can brew and mold their message and warriors.

Conservatives that believe that liberalism and the democrats have been mortally wounded are dreaming and should spend their time refining their own message and ways to communicate it, instead of counting on this latest fantasy.

The mainstream media is already starting to regroup and resume their obvious support for Obama and the democrats after their recent truthful reporting had actually started to make a difference in the polls. They will now resume their lightweight and /or untruthful reporting so that their cause is protected coming up to the 2014 elections.

Engage or Withdraw? That is the American Question


Nations have long engaged in political maneuvering and diplomatic endeavors and even waged wars in order to reap the rewards of international trade and the acquisition of resources. This has been going on well before there was ever a United States of America. Countries that excel with this active engagement in world trade have happier citizens because of the abundance and variety of goods made available to them, often at excellent prices. For more than a century, perhaps even longer, America has done exceptionally well for its populace in this regard. The past few decades have been particularly successful and Americans have become accustomed to cheap prices and many product choices. Granted, trade policies and diplomacy are not the only factors that are in play, but they are major players.

We may be at a crossroads now where all of that could change. Many Americans are fed up with the amount of financial aid given to foreign governments. Others call for our country’s leaders to reign in our military, bring them home from overseas and let the rest of the world fend for themselves. Shifting economic and military powers are also becoming obvious, especially throughout Asia. Americans better choose which road they will follow, soon, or the choice will be made for them.

We spend more than 21 billion taxpayer dollars every year in non-military aid propping up foreign governments, many of whom are actively opposing us and are clearly more foe than friend. Billions more are given to their armed forces, some being hostile to the U.S. Although I am strongly in favor of reducing and re-prioritizing foreign aid, I am not for the outright elimination of it. In the real world, our leaders need tools in their kits to influence world events in a way that favors America’s national interest. American dollars are a powerful tool in that kit; however, its use should be greatly reduced and limited to areas where it will, indeed, benefit America.

For example, why on earth are we paying Pakistan $1.6 billion a year so that they can actively undermine our efforts in Afghanistan and the region? Pakistan knowingly harbored Osama bin Laden for years. When Navy SEALS snuck in and killed him, Pakistan was outraged and even imprisoned the doctor who helped identify the world’s formerly most wanted terrorist. Pakistan repeatedly “outs” the name of the American station chief in Pakistan, revealing his identity and hampering CIA and U.S. State Department efforts. Is it because of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal that we pay them the annual ransom? Do we really believe that Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI), military, or any other radical Islamist agency is going to keep America’s interest in mind concerning its nukes, whether we send money or not? Probably there are many state department officials that would disagree with me, confident that they have paid off the right contacts in the ISI or Pakistan military who will then clue us in when something bad is about to happen. I don’t share that confidence. We appear to be withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2014, so when the last troop leaves and supply routes in Pakistan are no longer needed, not a dollar more should go to Pakistan. Give India free reign to handle their terrorist neighbor.

Speaking of a withdrawing American military, there are some that call for us to bring all American troops home from overseas. They call for closing bases in South Korea, Japan, Europe and elsewhere. After all, it is a tall argument that American troops still need to prevent North Korea from attacking the south some 60 years after the armistice was signed. It has been even longer since the end of WWII, when many of the American bases in Europe and Asia were built. That argument must be made, though, or every American’s life is going to drastically change for the worse! U.S. Military power overseas enhances and secures international trade AND prevents catastrophe here at home. The security reasons for these American bases are still there and very real. Imagine an Asia without the stabilizing presence of U.S. warships and troops all of these years. More than one war would have broken out, perhaps several. The balance of power would not favor America or our allies. The U.S. Navy would not be patrolling the sea lanes and maintaining safe trade routes. China, perhaps our old foe the Soviet Union, and possibly even a rebuilt Japanese empire would be warring and crushing smaller, weaker nations. Trade with the Americas would be non-existent. And then — remember Pearl Harbor?

Look at recent developments in China. The communist nation has just announced that they own and control space that Japan and South Korea also claim, and has ordered all commercial aircraft to honor that claim, or else. What does the Obama administration do in light of China’s bold move? They immediately acquiesce and tell American airlines to comply with Chinese demands. Although, at this hour there are some indications Obama might be changing his stance on that issue after his first knee-jerk appeasement reaction; I hope so. Japan was outraged, and rightly so, concerning Obama’s initial answer to China’s geopolitical move. One wonders if President Obama’s national security team and state department put any thought at all into the blatant power-grabbing moves of other nations.

The United States military standing down overseas would create an enormous danger to our security. Long before that happened, though, American’s wallets would see the impact of such a move. With trade at a standstill, products would be limited and expensive, similar to what our grandparents and great grandparents had for choices. Yes, American manufacturing and mom and pop stores would probably see a rebirth, but not enough to make up for what the past couple of generations have been used to. Perhaps we have been spoiled with the Walmarts and Best Buys. If Americans want to maintain their 21st century lifestyles with innovative, inexpensive products available for purchase, and have the best chance at preventing war on their own homeland, then they should tell their congressional delegations NOW that we might be able to tweak our foreign policy to better represent America’s citizens, but we should not withdraw from the world. America needs to stay engaged and secure the future for the next generation.

‘Yes We Can’ Destroy America As We Know It


Barack Obama’s campaign slogan during the 2008 presidential elections was “Yes We Can” bring “fundamental change” to America. Most conservatives and liberals understood that fundamental change meant drastic alterations to the “core” principles that America’s founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution gifted to the new nation more than 200 years ago. Conservatives abhor those changes. Liberals depend upon them. Those principles of individual freedoms, equality, and justice eventually led to the United States of America becoming the most powerful, and most just and humane country on Earth. Yes, mistakes and injustice were part of that history as there is no such thing as a perfect union. But America exhibited those virtues of courage, loyalty, compassion, and freedom in a better fashion than any other nation.

Five years after first winning the White House, Obama and his fellow progressives have completed the first phase of “fundamental change,” which I will hereafter refer to its synonym—destruction– of America’s core principles. In 2012, Obama was re-elected with a 51.1% vote, to continue his socialization of America. We are now witnessing the fast-track in the destruction of the values and principles that once made this country great and the envy of the world.

Obama and his cohorts are destroying the foundations of our national character that had earned the respect (and perhaps fear) of world leaders, both allies and enemies. Today, we no longer stand by our friends. We spy on our closest friends, and we throw our staunchest allies under the bus for political gains or diversions. Obama has destroyed our reputation throughout the world as a strong leader of nations. Now we are seen as weak and quick to betray. The Iranian nuclear deal and its devastating impact of the security of Israel is only one example. America’s policy of betrayal is evident throughout the Middle East.

Closer to home, Obama has been highly effective at destroying the American economy and the middle class. Can we blame all of the economic woes on Obama? Of course not. The previous president wasn’t exactly a penny-pincher and added his share to expanding the federal government (ie…Homeland Security Department). However, Obama’s redistribution of wealth campaign has had far greater impact on the job market, inflation (Yes-there is inflation!) and the once flourishing 40-hour work week. We are swiftly switching to a part-time nation because of ObamaCare, and the full impact of higher taxes, penalties, and health insurance costs are yet to be felt by the average citizen. We were lied to and the only voters that could not see that, apparently, were the independents that gave the White House to the democrats, again. Obama hopes that another delay in implementing certain phases of the program will enable democrats to continue fooling the independents and to hang onto the U.S. Senate during the 2014 elections. Keeping control of the senate is key to ObamaCare’s permanent implementation. Once that happens, there is no going back, no more repeal and replace efforts, no more worries for the complicit democrats in the destruction of the free enterprise system and individual liberties we once enjoyed. A 2014 Senate democrat victory will be checkmate.

For about 100 years the progressives have, inch-by-inch, successfully implemented socialist programs that effectively erode citizens’ constitutional freedoms. Whether it is oppression via redistributed wealth (which benefits a powerful central government more than it does the Nation’s poor), restricting freedom of religion, speech, expression, or infringes upon gun rights, state’s rights, etc, it is still oppression. Your constitutional rights, my rights, have been stepped on and devalued.

What Woodrow Wilson began, Barack Obama is taking a huge step in completing: a national transformation to create a federal government so huge and powerful, that all Americans will be forced to depend upon it. Of course, that dependence almost guarantees more votes for the democrats, the drug dealers that made the dependency possible, thereby assuring the democrats hold on power for a long time to come.

Are all social programs evil and harmful to a thriving America? No! America, and any country worth living in, must be compassionate and helpful towards the poor. We do not live in a Utopia, perhaps we never will. Technology and wealth enable modern societies to assist people when they are, at no fault of their own, in dire straits. People lose jobs and incomes. Others get injured or suffer from disease. We have and always should assist those that cannot help themselves. Where Europe, and now America has erred, is to enable significant portions of their populations to take advantage of that generosity and live off the hard work and sweat of the rest of the population, when they were physically and mentally able to provide for themselves. As we witness the devastating fallout in Europe from that sustained, flawed policy, American leaders choose to ignore the facts and follow the same path to destruction.

Conservatives’ and liberals’ minds are made up and will vote as they always do come election time. We have very few opportunities to steer away from this destructive course. Independents and so-called moderates have a last chance, and responsibility, to wake up and start paying attention to this historic moment in United States evolution. Do you agree with the socialists that the Constitution is an obsolete document not suited to a modern society and that an all-powerful federal government is better suited to managing people’s lives from birth to death? Or do you think individual liberties and innovation and a free, competitive marketplace is the best venue for solving problems in the 21st century?

Everybody should be paying full attention to this national transformation. It is not a trivial game. It will change your life significantly, and those generations that follow us. Do not hide from realty by spending all of your time playing video games, watching entertaining television programming, or ignoring the issue. Reserve some amount of time for serious study and analysis of current events. Get involved and informed!

Independents have this last opportunity in the mid-term elections to tell Obama and the democrats, “No You Can’t” destroy the American freedoms and prosperity that they would have their children and grandchildren enjoy, as most of you have in your lifetime. Sometimes, saying no is good for discipline.

“What prosperity?” you may ask. True, many Americans have experienced a level of poverty in their lifetime, as I have. Contrast that definition of poverty, though, to that of poor villagers in a third world country where children have distended stomachs from malnutrition. From that perspective, nearly all Americans have prospered. I just hope we continue to prosper as the years pass.