Mitigating Minor Disasters


T-minus 6 days and counting until we launch our motorcycle tour of the lower 48 states. The countdown has not gone smoothly, on my end anyways. But it is proceeding nonetheless!

The day after Brenda, Randi and I returned from vacation in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Brenda backed the Malibu into my bike. Thank the Lord for engine guards. They did their job and promtly broke the car’s bumber while protecting the bike. The bike was pushed back a couple feet, but stayed upright resting on the kickstand. The right side engine guard pipe was bent back into the foot brake pedal. Fortunately my mechanic was able to bend it back out. Unfortuneately for the 2017 Malibu, it no longer has that “new” look!

The other day I rode to Bangor and back and found that my new saddlebags seemed to have stretched a bit overnight after I installed them. The one on the right is just about touching the exhaust pipe and did burn some during the trip. I ordered some reflective heat shield tape that hopefully can keep the bag from getting scorched.

When I was in Bangor my glasses came apart again. The lense fell out and chipped. Quality government-issue VA glasses. So, I ordered new ones through a private vendor but they will not be here before we depart, so they will be shipped to Kevin’s in South Dakota. Hope they make it there by the time Kevin and I arrive in SD! I did get a temporary repair on the other glasses, plus I have my old pair with a slightly different prescription that will work in a crisis, so they are going in the saddle bag.

Today, Brenda has been scrambling to get me enough meds to last the trip. Old bikers need lts of meds, ha ha. We received the order of meds in the mail yesterday and they were short on what I was supposed to get. Quite a bit short. I am sure Brenda will succeed in her mission. She has been a nurse for about 45 years and knows the ins and outs of these things.

I’m back in Bangor today for my annual Veterans Administration medical appointment, and then this afternoon I dart across town to get a cortizone shot in my shoulder. The things we must do to prepare for a road trip when we are out-of-shape old farts!

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