Milwaukee & Chaos Trend


I am a peaceful person and believe all of us should be able to get along, abide by laws, and help move America closer to a more perfect union. However, controversial as it might be…

 I can understand the sentiment that we need to “Kent State” these violent protestors who are destroying property and harming other people.

These protests are becoming more common in American cities.

Fighting fire with fire has worked in the past and is an option that many voice, or quietly think about, including myself, when we see neighborhoods and businesses burn and police officers and others killed. The Tiananmen Square approach is tempting, but it is not American, at least it shouldn’t be. Kent State, Waco TX, etc do more harm to liberty than help. There are ways to combat this chaos without diving into the cesspool with the protesters. But it requires something that is extremely difficult, nearly impossible. It would require local, state, and national leaders, both political and community, to shed their personal ambitions and political and social agendas, and start coming together to save America, for everyone. You can still advocate your societal concerns and take a strong stance against these riots.

That means President Obama, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi,  and Donald Trump, to join other leaders in denouncing and calling for the swift and harsh punishment of all protesters that looted, burned, threw bottles and rocks, or behaved in any other illegal manner. Build more prisons if need be. Build them, and we can fill them! Only when you instill a real deterrent will these events begin to subside. We must do this before every police department starts seeing its officers refusing or hesitating to do their jobs. Anarchy is not acceptable.

America is worth saving! We put men on the moon. We can do this! Everyone needs to flood POTUS, Justice Dept, representatives at every level of government to demand they get this nonsense under control. What is the price of a book of stamps compared to your freedom and your country?

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