Impeach Obama Bandwagon


Many of my fellow conservatives have jumped on the Impeach Obama Bandwagon, some from the very beginning of his presidency. I disagree with that effort.

Democrats, apparently most Independents, and even some republicans voted for Obama—twice. He won his elections with his campaign promises of “fundamentally changing America.” That is exactly what he is doing, especially in these last 2 years of his administration.

If some of his supporters did not know what fundamental means, then they should have looked it up. Obama has not hidden his agenda. He just doesn’t talk about it much. Yes, he and his administration have lied about key components in order to get them passed by Congress or the courts. ScotusCare, for instance. His overall world view and path he has set America on is not buried in a deep cave, though. He is succeeding in changing America from its foundation roots, and also away from the free enterprise/capitalistic form of economy that we have been used to for most of our history. I heard one political pundit remark that in recent history Ronald Reagan was the last president to change America in a substantive way. Obama is undoing Reagan’s legacy, and then some. And Americans VOTED for this change!

It sickens me that Obama is, in my opinion, damaging this nation perhaps beyond repair, but democracy can be messy, and we are witnessing it at its messiest. Granted, there are elements of the Obama “regime” that are not acting like a democratic government and more closely resemble despotism. He has been aided in unbelievable fashion by the mainstream media in getting away with these undemocratic actions. When you have a propaganda machine at your command, you can get away with an awful lot of misdeeds. Many regimes throughout the 20th century stayed in power in this manner. There is only one news network where you can hear both sides of issues and actually view news about the federal government and Obama administration that other networks suppress. But this network is unmercifully vilified by the president, his supporters and propaganda machine. That reason alone is cause to watch it!

Republicans messed up when they impeached President Bill Clinton in the 90s. Yes, he got caught breaking the law with perjury. Although I believe both Clintons are guilty of more serious corruption and other crimes, Ken Starr and others could never pin them down with solid evidence. Hillary is, so far, getting away with similar behavior now. But impeaching a president on a perjury charge was a huge mistake. Most Americans assume all politicians lie constantly, especially if confronted about their sex life.

Similarly, governors and congress members of both parties have been subject to recalls or impeachments following their democratic election. What is it about democracy that so many do not like or respect? These governors, congressmen, and the president have more elections coming up and can be voted out of office if the Silent Majority got vocal for once and started taking their country back from the socialists, communists, and radicals. We don’t need impeachments, or a coup, or any other effort. Just speak out, and VOTE!

There are those, especially on the right where I hang out often, that promise they will refuse to vote if THEIR candidate is not nominated. That attitude only helps the other side win the day and continue to turn America into a socialist or communist nation. I admit, there are one or two republican candidates whom I believe would do more harm to our country than a couple of the Democrat candidates. If they were the nominations, I would not give up my right and duty to vote. I would vote for the candidate (repub or dem) whom I believe would damage America the least, then wait for the next election. It is not sacrificing principles to remain in the political arena and exercise your voting rights if your primary candidate does not win.

Our biggest effort, which we can start working on immediately, is to try and change minds about the direction America is heading. There is even much work just within the republican party on that end. A politician puts a lot of emphasis on constituents’ demands. We need to change those demands. That is the only peaceful revolution that can restore freedoms and liberties and the American Dream.

Impeachments should be reserved for more serious crimes than lying about sex or being too blunt in rhetoric or voting for a particular bill. This is America. Keep your faith in our Republic as long as it still has a chance of surviving.

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