Ham Radio Special Event on Navy’s Birthday


You heard it here first! Some Downeast Maine amateur radio operators (hams) will conduct a special operating event in honor of the U.S. Navy’s 238th birthday on Sunday, October 13. The Poverty Hill Amateur Radio Group (PHARG) is sponsoring a day-long event at the military recreation facility at Great Pond, north of RT-9 near Aurora.

Using their call sign W1KMG, formerly the call of the late Bob Begley who was a WWII era Chief Radioman and witnessed the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay, the hams will set up in one of the lakeside cabins at Great Pond Outdoor Adventure Center and will operate on several amateur radio bands using various modes, including single side band, Morse code, and digital.

Cookouts, boating, fishing, and other fun events will also be on the agenda. The Great Pond Outdoor Adventure Center is a fantastic setting for a fun day of ham radio and outdoor activities. Local hams are invited to attend and participate. Distant hams can meet us on the amateur radio frequencies! Special certificates will be made for stations making contact with the W1KMG special event.

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