Thank you Dr. Phil Grant for sharing your insight:

(1) The United States has the highest health care cost of any country in the world—approximately 18% of gross domestic product, and running in excess of $8000 per person per year. This is nearly 40% higher than the next most expensive health care system in the world.
(2) The United States is nowhere near the top in the world in quality of health care. The World Health Organization ranked the U. S. 37th in quality of health care.
(3) There is NOTHING in ObamaCare to improve either the cost of health care or the quality of health care. Both quality and cost are expected to GET WORSE with the implementation of ObamaCare. A vast add-on bureaucracy is going to be required just to keep health care fraud from expanding let alone reduce it from where it is now.
We are responsible for this sad state of affairs because we continue to put people in government who do not know what they are doing. And we do this because we do not know what we are doing when we go into the voting booth. Voting is a popularity contest with little attention given to the expertise and competence, and predicted job-relevant performance of the candidates. Exit interviews with voters show race, age, wealth, who can do the most for me, ideology, and coolness (whatever that is !) to be some of the most common types of criteria used by voters. None of these are very job-related, or performance based. If a private company used these, it would be quickly sued out of business under EEO law.

Posted with permission of Dr. Phil Grant

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